Hard Disk

Can not be denied again computer has become a major requirement for the continuity of human life progress. Both in terms of culture and age level. Both children and adults. So by itself, computers occupy the most important order in life.

From the computer side itself, Hard disk is a device that is the core of the brain is very crucial. Because it is the core, then its use is recommended to be more able to maintain and maintain Hard disk. Whether it’s internal or external Hard disk.

Here we will review how to care for internal and external Hard disk for the performance of the system is always awake and not quickly damaged.

1 Use Stabilizer

The stabilizer is an Electric Flow Stabilizer tool, usually called Stavolt. This tool is used to prevent the entry of ups and downs (in the extreme) on a computer, which can damage the hard disk.

2 Do Defrag on Hard Disk

Perform Defrag on Hard Disk as necessary and periodically, by using Windows Default program, Disk Defragmenter. This program will tidy up all random files stored on the hard disk, and tidy it into one unity. How: click Start Menu> All Programs> Accessories> System Tools> Disk Defragmenter

3 Install Antivirus

The function of antivirus itself is to ward off all actions or activities that are not desired or done from outside the network. So will damage the system performance. and of course, will overload the Hard Disk Performance as well. If every day Hard Disk is burdened, sooner or later your Computer Hard Disk will suffer premature damage

4 Uninstall Unnecessary Programs

Remove programs that are unused because they can also cause computer operational slowness.

5 Use the UPS

UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) is an Electrical Energy Storage Device, its role is as Battery. If suddenly Electricity from PLN die, this tool is able to supply the electric current of your computer so that computer does not die suddenly, which can cause danger to the hard disk of a computer.

If the preventive measures have been done but still there is damage to the system Hard disk. We recommend that you immediately repair the experts damaged hdd recovery

Because if the handling is done not by experts feared will add damage and lead to loss of important files that you save.

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