Month: August 2019

The Key To Success In Control Of Your Finances.

Because of debt, the family can become tense and even fall apart. For example, researcher Jeffrey Dew suggested that couples who owe less and less enjoy being together, fight more often, and are less happy. Compared to other problems, debts over debt and finance usually last longer, cause more beating and yelling at each other, and are easier to spread to other problems. So it’s not surprising that the main cause of divorce in the United States is disputes over money

1. Analyze your budget. Keep a record of all the money that goes in and out for two weeks — or a month, if it’s more practical. Also note the expenses that are not often, such as taxes, insurance, or clothing, and calculate the average per month.

2. Increase in revenue. You can work overtime, do seasonal work, give tutoring, or make your hobby a business. Be careful: Don’t … Read More