This Is Why The Entrepreneurs Need Lawyer, Not The Agreement Template

“The agreement template can be a time bomb when there is an agreement clause that does not protect the needs and interests of the entrepreneur.”

The majority of new entrepreneurs or companies are aware of the need for legal assistance. Starting from making business contracts, licensing to the establishment of business entities. But the limited condition of capital makes entrepreneurs or beginner companies have to choose between the cost of capital for business or the cost of legal services.

The tendency of entrepreneurs to sacrifice costs for lawyers is to increase business capital and look for other alternatives to address the needs of legal aspects such as making business contracts. Another alternative is that the making of business contracts simply downloads many agreement templates available on the Internet. The hope, this template can help to meet the needs of legal documents without having to pay attorney services to ask for legal advice.

This is reasonable because the lawyer’s hourly rate can be very high. The high and low cost of a lawyer depends on the seniority of the lawyer.

Weaknesses of Agreement Templates

Meanwhile, the implications of making business contracts using templates are not protected by the legal relations of the parties properly or there is a legal loophole that can be used by one party to sue the other party in the future.

For example, Entrepreneur A has produced furniture according to request B, then due to the cancellation of the contract, the item will not be purchased and the contract is also not regulated regarding the clause related to the consequences of cancellation due to certain matters, such as cancellation of contract in the middle of the agreement. Of course, this will cause businessman A to suffer losses because the cost of production capital will not return due to the cancellation of the purchase.

In the above case, it shows that the agreement template can be a time bomb for entrepreneurs or beginner companies because templates are not specifically designed to protect the interests and needs of the entrepreneur. So, it is important for entrepreneurs or budding companies to consult with lawyers and not just need an agreement template.

Regarding this expensive legal fee, at the moment where the digital revolution has a considerable influence on aspects of life. So, there is a new pattern in legal services. The new pattern is an online platform-based lawyer service. The patterns and models help meet Muskogee Law Offices with clients at an affordable cost, but the transparency and quality of services provided is still reliable.

Startups or SMEs can consult on making legal documents that will be made with the existence of chat and video call services on the online platform. On the other hand, the need for legal services also adjusts the level. So, to help startups, you don’t have to be helped by a senior lawyer. In other words, legal service costs can be reduced so that the price offered can also go down.