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Slow Iphone, Apple Boss Reprimanded Member Of Parliament Apple’s efforts to save batteries by slowing down the old iPhone performance are controversial. The Cupertino-based company also got the spotlight from the United States government (US).

According to The Wall Street Journal report on Thursday (11/1/2018), United States Senator John Thune sent a letter directly aimed at Apple CEO Tim Cook. The contents of the letter questioned the controversy that occurred.

Thune questioned the company’s policy to slow the iPhone. Not only that, Thune also asked how Apple’s actions against consumer complaints and whether they will consider giving discounts to consumers who may have paid fully for battery replacement.

Previously Apple assessed to deceive consumers by deliberately slowing the old iPhone device without warning in advance. Many suspect Apple is adhering to the legacy iPhone performance to encourage consumers to buy a new iPhone.

Apple also argued, saying that the effort to slow the performance of old iPhone … Read More

Hard Disk

Can not be denied again computer has become a major requirement for the continuity of human life progress. Both in terms of culture and age level. Both children and adults. So by itself, computers occupy the most important order in life.

From the computer side itself, Hard disk is a device that is the core of the brain is very crucial. Because it is the core, then its use is recommended to be more able to maintain and maintain Hard disk. Whether it’s internal or external Hard disk.

Here we will review how to care for internal and external Hard disk for the performance of the system is always awake and not quickly damaged.

1 Use Stabilizer

The stabilizer is an Electric Flow Stabilizer tool, usually called Stavolt. This tool is used to prevent the entry of ups and downs (in the extreme) on a computer, which can damage the … Read More